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Diego Gavilanes and the Washington Law Team

With over four decades of experience, Diego and his team have assisted clients in many areas of Immigration and Personal Injury Law. Serving clients from all over the world, the Washington Law Team understands that one client’s legal problem is very different from another’s. It takes a dedicated team of professionals to resolve each and every legal issue that may arise in a client’s circumstance. We pledge ourselves every day to the prompt and affordable resolution of your legal issues. What comes from that dedication is a consistent result of keeping people and families together in times of unknown outcomes, and that is the most significant outcome of our efforts in the Washington Law Team.

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Immigration Law

At the basis of Immigration law is Family. Whether you are trying to bring a loved one to the country or you are fighting to remain, your most important support structure is being challenged. We believe in the unification of people and we fight for the preservation of your family.

Personal Injury (PI)

If you or a loved one have suffered an accidental injury due to someone else’s carelessness you must seek out two things; first the finest medical care available and second a smart, tough lawyer. Discover your rights.

About the Washington Law Team

Diego Gavilanes, Attorney

Diego Gavilanes has been practicing personal injury and Immigration law for over 40 years. The Washington Law Team’s goal is to provide individual and families with excellent and professional legal services. We are committed and dedicated to delivering the best results and exceptional service to all of our clients.

Currently Diego’s practices are located in Seattle and Everett, but Diego services his clients wherever they are. Diego has 3 children and lives in the northwest, where he is able to connect with the local community and charities.

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What our clients are saying:

“DIEGO GAVILANES, my attorney for many years has taken care of 3 cases for me in the past. Diego positively resolved 2 immigration cases and one very difficult and serious personal injury case involving my son David.   In all instances he was highly professional and effective. His dedication, personal concern and professional ability were remarkable.  The outstanding results obtained proved it.  His knowledge of the law and his communication skills were crucial in obtaining the best outcome every time.  Diego is friendly but very conclusive, pragmatic and results oriented.  I always felt I was being taken care of professionally but in a very friendly, confident manner.  You know Diego is on your side at all times.  I would not hesitate for a second recommending Diego to anyone looking for a solid and skilled professional of the Law.  Diego can be fully trusted.  His personal and professional integrity is second to none.”

Orlando Castelblanco

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